Panini America Provides Detailed First Look at 2017-18 Noir Basketball (Gallery)
May 10, 2018

Collectors know a box-office smash when they see it. And for three straight years now, the unique Noir Basketball franchise has certainly fit the bill. Boasting dark aesthetics and a bold movie motif, Noir Basketball has earned critical acclaim by eschewing the predominantly white color palette normally associated with high-end releases in favor of something much darker. In the process, the product has consistently delivered some of the most attractive cards in the hobby, headlined by the still-sublime-after-all-these-years Spotlight Signatures insert.

In late July, Noir Basketball returns with its fourth iteration to celebrate the blockbuster 2017 NBA Draft class as well as the game’s brightest current stars and all-time greats. The movie motif remains. The darkish aesthetics do, too. And as you’ll see in the preview gallery that follows, so does Noir’s penchant for producing the hits.

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