Autos Correct: Latest Arrivals Shed Light on National Treasures, Gold Standard, More
February 17, 2014

If you think Panini America was crazy busy over the last four days in New Orleans during 2014 NBA All-Star Week, well, you’d be right. But things were moving at a blistering pace back in the office, too. How blistering? Glad you asked.

Over the last week, Panini America HQ has been on the receiving end of some absolute blockbuster on-card autograph arrivals from such juggernaut products as 2013 National Treasures Football, 2013 Crown Royale Football, 2014 Donruss Basketball, 2013-14 Crown Royale Hockey, 2013-14 Playbook Hockey, 2013-14 Gold Standard Basketball and 2013-14 Titanium Basketball.

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