Early Domination: Heavy-Hitting Autograph Arrivals Power 2014 Donruss Baseball
February 06, 2014

From the very first mention that Panini America was bringing the iconic Donruss Baseball brand back to the diamond in 2014, the anticipatory buzz has been palpable. Now that we’re roughly three weeks away from the release of that throwback sensation, it’s time to start showing off some of the goods. And we’ll begin with a really quick six-pack peek at what just might be 2014 Donruss Baseball’s sweetest autograph inclusions: The Elite Dominators.

I could attempt to wax poetically about how I think the Dominator insert will absolutely dominate as soon as 2014 Donruss Baseball releases in late February. But if a picture’s really worth a thousand words, the following 6,000 or so words should do the talking for me. Enjoy, and stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance in the coming days for additional updates on 2014 Donruss Baseball.

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